Discover your next adventure at The Briars, where serenity meets thrill.

The Briars

Tucked away in the heart of The Briars Conservation Park in Mount Martha, Victoria, our 15-acre camp provides a magical natural setting perfect for young explorers. At our camp, children can dive into a world of adventure and environmental activities, designed to spark curiosity and a love for nature.

Positioned ideally within the Mornington Peninsula, we’re just a stone’s throw away from enchanting woodland paths and soothing beachfront walks. This special place isn’t just a camp—it’s a launchpad for lifelong memories and discoveries in the great outdoors, making every day an exciting journey for our young campers.

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Our camp can comfortably accommodate up to 92 guests across 12 well-appointed cabins. Specifically designed for students, ten of these cabins each feature 4 bunks, comfortably sleeping 8 students per cabin. For staff, two dedicated cabins are equipped with 3 sets of bunks each, accommodating 6 adults and providing added privacy with ensuite facilities.

Each cabin, whether for students or staff, is carpeted and equipped with heating and large fans to ensure comfort regardless of the season. This thoughtful setup allows everyone to enjoy their stay in a cozy and well-prepared environment.

  • Main building houses recreation rooms, dining rooms, commercial kitchen, and manager’s office
  • Recently re-carpeted recreation room with a Coonara wood heater and air conditioner
  • Recreation room includes a 42-inch LCD full HD TV, Blu-ray player, stereo, and table tennis facilities
  • Data projector, laptop, and 120-inch projector screen available for use
  • Dining room can seat up to 100 people
  • Laundry facilities are available if required


Our diverse range of activities is designed to cater to all interests and energy levels, offering everything from thrilling environmental explorations to peaceful nature walks. Here, you can scale new heights on our rope course, discover the local environment on a guided walk, or challenge yourself and others in team-building exercises. Whether you’re here to ignite a passion for the outdoors in young campers or to strengthen team bonds, The Briars is the perfect setting to connect with nature and each other.

  • Giant Swing
  • Leap of Faith
  • Flying Fox
  • Crate Stack
  • Archery
  • Orienteering
  • Bush crafting and hut building
  • Canoeing
  • GaGa Pit
  • Push Cart Races
  • Obstacle Course
  • Low Ropes Course
  • Volleyball Court
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At The Briars, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy our facilities and activities, regardless of mobility or special needs. Wheelchair access is seamlessly integrated throughout our camp, including all accommodation and bathroom facilities.

We also provide a variety of accessible programs specifically designed to accommodate guests with special needs, ensuring that every visitor has the opportunity to participate fully and have a fulfilling experience. Our inclusive environment allows everyone to engage in the adventures and beauty The Briars has to offer, making it a welcoming space for all.


We prioritise the safety of our students at all times. Our experienced and qualified leadership team conducts thorough risk assessments of our sites and activities. Our staff is trained to follow strict procedures to minimise risks. We also have external inspections of our high and low ropes courses every year, and our equipment is carefully checked before each use. Each site has an emergency plan in place, and our team is well-prepared to handle any situation and prioritise the safety of the students.

We take risk management seriously and have specific measures in place. Our Group leaders are trained in first aid and carry first aid kits. They also have communication devices to stay connected and address any emergencies. Additionally, every program has a dedicated Course Coordinator who oversees the Risk Management Systems at all times, ensuring that safety remains a top priority throughout the camp.

We develop a unique program for each school so the activities will vary dependent on the outcomes the school is looking for. Students can expect a range of engaging activities, including team tasks, low ropes challenges, high ropes activities, water-based tasks, archery, and bushcraft, tailored to the school’s goals.

Yes, we offer flexible programs ranging from one-day team-building experiences to multi-day camps with overnight stays.

We accommodate dietary needs by planning menus accordingly and providing individual diet plans, and we have a strict no nuts policy at all our sites.