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School camps are more than just a fun getaway for students. A crucial part of their education, they provide a unique opportunity for growth and development. As we look back on our own experiences, we remember the friendships we made, the challenges we overcame, and the lessons that will last a lifetime.

At Belgravia Outdoor Education, we believe that school camps should be an integral part of every student’s education, which is why we work with schools to create custom programs that meet their specific goals and objectives. With our expert staff, great facilities, and commitment to safety and risk management, we’re here to provide an experience that goes beyond the classroom.

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The Briars

Adventure awaits in the stunning natural setting of the Mornington Peninsula, offering transformative experiences for students to learn, grow, and create lifelong memories.

  • Explore 15 acres of picturesque bushland, perfectly situated within The Briars Conservation Park
  • Engage in a wide range of adventure and environmental activities, from bush walks to ropes courses.
  • Benefit from expertly designed programs that foster self-reliance, teamwork, and personal growth.

Clifford Park

In the scenic Wonga Park, students can embark on thrilling adventures, as they step into a world of outdoor exploration close to home.

  • Immerse yourself in 20 hectares of captivating bushland, located on the banks of the Yarra River.
  • Experience a diverse range of activities, including group challenges, canoeing, bush craft, and more.
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We prioritise the safety of our students at all times. Our experienced and qualified leadership team conducts thorough risk assessments of our sites and activities. Our staff is trained to follow strict procedures to minimize risks. We also have external inspections of our high and low ropes courses every year, and our equipment is carefully checked before each use. Each site has an emergency plan in place, and our team is well-prepared to handle any situation and prioritize the safety of the students.

We take risk management seriously and have specific measures in place. Our Group leaders are trained in first aid and carry first aid kits. They also have communication devices to stay connected and address any emergencies. Additionally, every program has a dedicated Course Coordinator who oversees the Risk Management Systems at all times, ensuring that safety remains a top priority throughout the camp.

We develop a unique program for each school so the activities will vary dependent on the outcomes the school is looking for. Students can expect a range of engaging activities, including team tasks, low ropes challenges, high ropes activities, water-based tasks, archery, and bushcraft, tailored to the school’s goals.

Yes, we offer flexible programs ranging from one-day team-building experiences to multi-day camps with overnight stays.

We accommodate dietary needs by planning menus accordingly and providing individual diet plans, and we have a strict no nuts policy at all our sites.

To book a school camp, simply complete the enquiry form, contact us via phone or email, and we’ll provide available dates, discuss your objectives, and send a booking form upon confirmation.