Embark on Unforgettable Adventures in the Great Outdoors

What are Journeys?

While any journey can take you from one place to another, at Belgravia Outdoor Education, these transformative experiences are so much more. Whether it’s hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting, or even skiing and snowshoeing, our journeys offer a variety of options for exploration and adventure.

Each day, small groups of students travel together, camping under the starry skies each night. Lasting five to seven days, each program is tailored to both your needs and the unique location you select. Whether it’s a coastal bush walk, a river expedition, or exploring the Alps, these journeys provide an opportunity to disconnect from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

Leading the Way

Along the way, our experienced staff guide not just the journey, but the students, ensuring their safety as they learn valuable skills and reflect on each day’s progress.

From learning to cook for a group to finding joy in the unique challenges of outdoor living, our journeys encourage personal growth and foster a sense of self-reliance as staff work to:

  • Create a safe and open learning environment
  • Cultivate an atmosphere for students to step out of their comfort zone and embrace adventure
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Kids Walking on School Camp in Australian Bush
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Lessons for Life

Embarking on a journey goes beyond the expedition, fostering resilience, cooperation, and leadership. Students develop mental toughness, learn teamwork, and gain empathy by living and working together. Our staff encourages personal growth, self-reliance, and practical skills while celebrating leadership moments. Reflection is fundamental, extending the benefits of the journey to lifelong lessons.

  • Expert staff passionate about the outdoors, ensuring guided and structured experiences.


We offer a range of journey options to suit your preferences and needs. From one or two-night residential and journey mix experiences -, combining camping and group cooking with a residential camp, to five-day journeys encompassing bush walking, canoeing, white-water rafting, cycling, or winter adventures, there’s something for everyone.

If you seek a longer journey, we can collaborate with your school to design a program that incorporates all the elements you desire. Our staff’s expertise and passion for the outdoors ensures that each journey is thoughtfully guided and structured, providing a safe and enriching experience that focuses not just on the destination but the complete process of personal growth, exploration, and discovery.

  • Diverse options for journey lengths, locations and activities to chose from, allowing a personalised journey experience.
  • Collaborative program design for longer journeys tailored to your school’s preferences.


Journeys typically last 5 to 10 days, offering the flexibility for different durations. They often start and end in different locations, but we also have complete circuit journeys available.

Students travel to the next campsite on foot, by bike, in canoes, or even on white water rafts. Each day brings a new campsite and a new mode of transportation.

Meals on a journey consist of grain-based dishes like rice and pasta, accompanied by fresh vegetables and sauces. Wraps, tortillas, cereals, and snacks are also included. We accommodate all dietary needs and individual preferences.

We collect dietary needs in advance for journeys, allowing us to plan accordingly. While we strive to incorporate specific dietary needs into the menu, individual diet plans can be provided to accommodate specific requirements.

Tents that sleep 2 or 3 students are typically used during the journey. Depending on the route, we may also utilise caravan parks with toilet blocks and showers or engage in wild camping. Cabins may be used on certain nights as well.

All specialised equipment is provided, and a detailed kit list will be provided well in advance of each trip. Families may already have some items on the list, but everything can be borrowed or rented through our recommended links, such as sleeping bags.

The program is developed in partnership with the school, taking into account students’ prior experience. Most activities require limited or no prior experience, and our staff are there to help students gain skills as they progress. For specific journeys, we work with the school to ensure students have the necessary experience.

Our Group leaders are first aid trained and equipped with first aid kits and appropriate communication devices. Each program has a floating Course Coordinator who conducts daily check-ins with Group Leaders, provides support, and ensures safety. As a licensed tour operator, we always inform local land managers, such as Parks Victoria, for added safety measures.