Mount Buffalo National Park, VIC

National Mountain Centre

In the heart of Victoria’s alpine landscape, the National Mountain Centre offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure and educational excellence, mirroring the core values and objectives of Belgravia Outdoor Education.

Here, students embark on journeys that not only connect them with nature but also cultivate essential life skills, leadership, and a lasting appreciation for the environment.

The National Mountain Centre collaborates closely with Belgravia Outdoor Education to deliver specialised programs tailored for both schools and corporate groups. Together, they create dynamic, experiential learning opportunities that foster team-building and personal development in Victoria’s majestic alpine setting.

The National Mountain Centre has accommodation, group dining and meeting spaces. With a range of outdoor equipment and activities, every corner is designed to support and enhance the educational journey of our visitors.


 The Belgravia Outdoor Education (BOE) program for our Year 8 cohort at Mount Buffalo was a great success. The students and staff came back full of enthusiasm, stories and with a huge amount of learning from the program. BOE were easy to work with through the whole process: listening closely; responding to the schools needs; able to work with a large cohort of students and delivering on the agreed outcomes.”
Dr Mark Merry
Principal, Yarra Valley Grammer


Nestled in the heart of nature, our range of team-building activities, are designed to challenge and unite teams. Not only do these activities foster collaboration and communication, but they also provide a thrilling and memorable experience in the great outdoors. Whether it’s navigating the waters together in a canoe, building a raft as a group, or encouraging each other during an abseiling adventure, each activity is an opportunity to strengthen bonds and build trust among team members. The natural beauty of the surroundings adds an extra layer of inspiration and relaxation, ensuring that teams return refreshed and more cohesive.

Beyond adventure, Mount Buffalo is a sanctuary for the environment, with engaging projects that delve into the local ecosystem complementing leisurely walks in the gardens and unique experiences like playing cricket at a breath-taking elevation of 1,300 meters. This blend of excitement and serenity makes it an unmatched destination for explorers and nature enthusiasts alike.

  • Abseiling
  • Climbing
  • Caving
  • Scrambling
  • Camping
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Orienteering
  • Biking
  • Bushwalking
  • Rafting
  • Snowplay
  • Skiing
  • Improvised Rafting
  • Environmental Projects
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Help Forge New Paths

Nestled in the Victorian Alps, the National Mountain Centre is more than a place – it’s a journey that begins when the bus leaves at our doorstep, and weaves its way across the mountain paths. Here, every trail and activity is designed to engage and challenge, fostering a sense of discovery.

At the heart of our values lies a passion for adventure and a steadfast commitment to the environment that we live and work within. We steer students on a journey of personal growth and determination, all the while striving to leave a lasting impact on each young mind.

What’s it look like to spend a week with us?



We prioritise the safety of our students at all times. Our experienced and qualified leadership team conducts thorough risk assessments of our sites and activities. Our staff is trained to follow strict procedures to minimise risks. Each site has an emergency plan in place, and our team is well-prepared to handle any situation and prioritise the safety of the students.

We take risk management seriously and have specific measures in place. Our Group leaders are trained in first aid and carry first aid kits. They also have communication devices to stay connected and address any emergencies. Additionally, every program has a dedicated Course Coordinator who oversees the Risk Management Systems at all times, ensuring that safety remains a top priority throughout the camp.

We develop a unique program for each school so the activities will vary dependent on the outcomes the school is looking for. Students can expect a range of engaging activities, including team tasks, abseiling and scramble activities, bushwalking, caving, environmental projects, and indigenous education, tailored to the school’s goals.

We accommodate dietary needs by planning menus accordingly and providing individual diet plans, and we have a strict no nuts policy at all our sites.